Happy Friday!

Today we have a shrimp scampi pasta special!

angel hair pasta, shrimp, tomato, capers, basil, lemon, white wine butter and Parmesan

We also have a pan seared king salmon over a superfood salad with honey mustard drizzle and balsamic reduction . the salad is made up of quinoa, edamame, kale, farroh,cranberries, and sunflower seeds. We also have a Portuguese chicken and mushroom soup with fresh mint, rice, and lime juice, And a chicken tortilla soup with avocado, tortilla strips, and Cotija cheese.

Our dessert specials are a strawberry shortcake bread pudding with whip cream and strawberries. We also have a Kahlúa chocolate torte with caramel and toffee bits we also have an apricot peach cheesecake with the dream whip. Our drink special is a sunny delight! Absolute mango vodka Grand Marnier, lime juice, fresh squeezed blood orange and mango topped with champagne! C

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